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Reception Spring 1

This half term we have been learning all about pets as part of our Animals theme.  We have thought about what animals make good pets and have talked about our own pets or pets we would like.  We have learnt about how to care for pets and what different pets need.  We have applied this knowledge when taking on the roles of vets and shop keepers in our vet and pet shop role play areas.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting each other's pets during our pet morning and went on to make sculptures of the pets we met out of clay in art.  We looked at the work of artist Nick Mackman to see how she applies texture to her animal sculptures.  Some of our finished sculptures will be displayed in the art gallery.  We also had a visit from some amazing guide dogs and learnt about how pets can help us.

In Literacy we have been writing words and have been starting to write simple sentences with finger spaces between words.  We have been blending the sounds we are learning to read words and simple sentences and have talked about what we have read.

In Maths we have been learning about addition by combining groups and addition by counting on.  We have been learning to recognise and order teen numbers and count forwards and backwards to 20.