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Year One Autumn 1

The children have returned to school to learn about being Superheroes. They have learnt about the many different and varied Superheroes and Super villains; some they already knew about and others that were new to them. They also found out who had what power and how they used them for good. The children have also spent time researching Superheroes and creating their own Superhero identity, name and logo. This will lead them to designing and making their own cape and mask.
As part of our Superhero theme, we will also look at modern day heroes like firefighters, police and doctors. The children have also been thinking carefully about those close to them that they consider a real-life hero.
During the second part of the Autumn Term we will have a visit from the Fire Brigade and a Nurse. The children will also visit St Mark’s Church to enhance their learning about celebrations in the Church.