Year 2 Learning

  • Year Two Spring 1

    This half term we have been immersing ourselves in the historical topic of the Great Fire of London. Children have been transported back to the sights seen in 1666, with Tudor houses ablaze and people gathering their belongings to flee the city. We have learnt about key historical figures including Samuel Pepys and King Charles the 2nd who played a huge part during the fire. We have made and written instructions for how to make bread, designed and made Tudor house models (which we set on fire to provide children with a sensory experience with which to inspire them when writing a pattern poem) and explored the path and extent of the fire in its entirety.
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  • Year Two Autumn 2

    This half term we have been indulging in the mystical and magical world of dragons. We have explored texts including “There’s no Dragon in this Story” by Lou Carter, building on the learning done in Year 1 on fairy-tales. We innovated the story using our own ideas and wrote a letter of thanks from the fairy-tale characters, looking closely at the features needed and making sure we included examples of all four sentence types. We also wrote a pattern poem and explored different emotions.
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  • Year Two Autumn 1

    Did you know that a dinosaur had been found roaming the grounds of Henry Hinde Infant School! After a fun day of learning, Year 2 children were exploring the outdoor area when they came across a strange egg. We didn’t know what had laid the egg and so we did lots of research to find out more. We concluded that it was a dinosaur egg and after Mrs Brown confirmed that she had seen a baby dinosaur running around the school late at night, we thought we must find out more about these animals.
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