Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours (PBs) is a safety awareness and life skills programme which builds confidence and resilience by exploring our right to feel safe.

It starts from the belief that we cannot be scared into feeling safe, and therefore it avoids a focus on scary scenarios and rigid sets of rules for how to deal with unsafe situations. Instead it teaches an ability to recognise when we are not feeling safe, and provide skills and tools to enable individuals to take action and get help when they need it.

The PB framework helps children and adults to recognise any situation where they feel worried or unsafe, such as feeling stressed, bullied or threatened. It can be used as an abuse prevention strategy, as well as promoting good citizenship. Additionally it recognises that life is also about challenging ourselves and taking safe risks in order that we try new things, and that this is both part of our development and an important life skill.

The programme also looks at identifying support networks for times when we need someone to listen and help.

Protective Behaviours is based on two key messages:

  • We all have the right to feel safe all of the time
  • We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small
  • Here are some resources for you as parents to use at home with your child. Please make sure that you read the on-line booklets first before using their contents with your child.

We all have the right to feel safe booklet

Practical advice for keeping children safe

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